Saturday, May 07, 2011

Post Wedding

I know I'm slack, not posting all the details on my Royal Wedding extravaganza yet -I'm sorry!
Think I needed at least a week to de-Union Jack myself.

Here's a sneak peek at the details... actual wedding post to come soon.

PS - if you miss me, head over to Sequins, Stillettos & Sparkles - I post there with the gorgeous B every day

Fraction of the Aftermath

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Starting to Look Fab

So... have proofed the mugs- held one in my hand, and I can now breathe. They look sensational
Just thought I'd jump online to let you know

Also finished designing the name card holders - now to make them all (I never do things the easy way)

Off to tasting lunch now - hoping it's yummy!

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Wedding Extravaganza Sneak Peeks

**Please note that I am not obsessed with the Royal Family - A good friend suggested that I throw a Royal Wedding Watching party in lieu of the Oscar Brunch that I usually throw and was cancelled due to unforeseen circumstances. I hardly knew anything about the royal family & their love lives... but in true form, have thrown myself into this party. 

I couldn't post the invitation picture in here it is:

The official wedding invitation has been sent out to friends
inspired by the extremely talented Susan Taylor
and her commemorative tea-towel

I'm not letting all these details be available to our guests so there is a much bigger impact when they walk through the door... so let's just keep this between us ok ?

I've decided to empty my lounge room area of all my gorgeous Asian art, as this will be the reception area for guests. Will & Kate (the official commemorative version - whom have now arrived via Fedex from Star Stills) shall be standing ready to greet all guests as they walk the red carpet which will run from the front door through the lounge room out onto the deck and onto the lawn - where my 1.8m Westminster Abbey will be standing at the end underneath the marquee. After guests arrival, Will & Kate will mingle throughout the crowd on the lawn.

Our Lounges will be moved onto the lawn - into the men's lounge area, where we will have a pool table and card table, kegs of beer. (and hopefully a Prince Harry standing out there)
Against the wall, where the three seater usually sits - there will be a guest sign in area with the official rules for guests in attendance (ours won't be 22 pages long though :-) above this - my three monk paintings usually hang shall be replaced with some Andy Warhol inspired art and a version of the 'Carry On' poster (they are just slightly smaller than A1 each)

Above the TV, I have some beautiful old chinese photographic prints from Taylor B (currently my favorite shop!) these will be replaced by royal silhouettes (about A4 in size each)

on another wall my Blossom Tree will be replaced with the Couple in another Andy Warhol

At each place setting guests will receive their commemorative coffee mug which I'm hoping will look like this (I get to see the proof mug tomorrow morning.... fingers crossed for me....) Caricature inspired by Luisa Calvo

There is more artwork and prettiness to come... but am still working on them, so you shall have to wait till the next update
Table decorations- name card holders, flowers, Bathroom Art etc.... I have a week and a half - easy peasy!

I'm working on the Rules for the guests- inspired by the 22 page list of rules for attendees of the Royal Wedding.  I'd love to get to 22, but they need to be good so I'd love any suggestions on rules to add.

So far I have:
  1. Hold Your Peace, Do Not Object - Kate is not going to run away with you regardless of how dashing you think you are
  2. Tweeting or updating your Facebook Status during the day is considered a compliment
  3. If one must keep their phone active during the coverage of the ceremony - the ring tone must be changed to God Save the Queen
  4. Do not give the Queen a friendly hug, but should one see Prince Harry, feel free to give him a 'noogie'
  5. Whenever the National Anthem is played, everyone must be upstanding and take a drink
  6. If one comes face to face with the Royal couple, gentlemen must bow and ladies must curtsey (right foot behind left)

Please note - Regarding the artwork for the invitations/posters and mugs.  I have been inspired by other artists and acknowledged them here and worked all artwork from scratch. Although guests (friends and friends of friends) are paying for this event, they are purely paying for the costs - I am personally not getting paid a cent (in fact, if I don't hit the numbers, I will be out of pocket) 

Friday, April 08, 2011

The long IKEA wait

So thought I'd quickly jott down a little post whilst standing in the line at IKEA.
That's how slowly it is moving.
But have news for you so totally thought if anytime was worth multi-tasking now would be it!!
Are you thirsty for another party-aholic update??
Dying to hear what the next Trini event is and all the juicy details before the event???

Well here is the's going to be big, it's going to be grand, it's gonna be fit for a king (or in this case a king in waiting)

Yep... Has me tingling--the sparkle is in the eyes- I'm throwing a royal wedding watching party!!!

Not that I'm hugely into the Royal family, but do you remember where you were when Charles & Di got married??
I want all our guests never to forget this moment
(and hey it's me any excuse for a party!!!)

Only a small event of about 100 or so people and I have a feeling my house will look like it had thrown up the union jack (nah- promise it will be tasteful!!)

Invites are out, Caterers have been booked wine is being stocked kegs are being chilled the royal wedding flag is on the way (I kid you not) am even trying to get a life sized Will & Kate to join us.

I'll give you some more tidbits as preparations go underway, so stay tuned!

What are you doing to mark the big day?

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Sunday, March 20, 2011

Four Kids, a Wagon and a Barbie Doll

Today has seen our 'little' clan on fun-filled adventures across the island... And luckily for her Ms S's class barbie doll was spending the weekend with us. No Ms S is not Barbie crazy, as the photos suggest. She has a few, yes, but not they are not favorite playthings. This barbie goes home with a student and then they write about the time that they spent with her. Talk about an expat bit of plastic, this doll has been to see the Lion King, an island in Malaysia and even skiing in Austria.

But back to our day today.

Firstly, I got to sleep in!! This never happens... So I was stoked to be awoken at 9:40am with coffee and toast in bed- what a gorgeous hubby I have! I do hear twangs of jealousy stirring among my followers, but believe me, It was well deserved!

I got home at 2.45am from the annual Trivia night for Sunrise Children's Villlages in Cambodia (shall post on that amazing night and fantastic charity in the next couple of days) the boy who was suffering from man-flu, was ordered (with zero protest) to stay in and rest, so I was extremely grateful when he got up for the munchkins and kept them quiet whilst I slept this morning.

9.40 is an amazing sleep in, especially since promises were made the day before, which meant nagging for my boy started the moment their little feet hit the floor. Finally awake & we were up and out the door... we were headed to the zoo.

We do love the zoo, but haven't been there in over a year since our membership lapsed and I hadn't got around to renewing. So today's trip was quite special, as it was all about the Z-man. The animal loving little mite was going to have his first of many memorable encounters out at Mandai Lake Rd. He's been before, infact I pretty much lived there when he was an infant- the yearly family zoo pass is such amazing value and the park so great with the kids zone, you have to take advantage when you can.... but the last time we were there Z was less than one, so no real interaction happening there.

Just inside the park, first animal spotted....  tiny Cotton-Topped Tamarin monkeys
Usually we head out at opening, it means we avoid the crowds, the heat and the rain. Today, thanks to me, we headed out a little later. Yes it was hot, yes there were piles of people, yes we ran well into master Z's sleep time and yes it ended up raining-- none-the-less, it was brilliant!

We finally renewed our family pass (valid for 2 adults and 3kids, luckily under 3yrs are free) hired our radio flyer wagon to transport the younger kids and bags, grabbed a quick bite at the front of the park & headed inside. At every habitat we visited, there was so much excitement flowing through master Z's whole body, it was a joy to witness. For every complaint about heat, sore legs, the fact that we wouldn't let him sit in the wagon as he's now too big, thirst or hunger that came from the eldest child it was counter suited by the youngest bursting out of his skin at each new live encounter. He could barely contain himself as he clambered out of the wagon in almost a panic state 'quick, quick, QUICK!' at each pitstop.

After a good couple of hours being entertained by little furries, we finally made it up to the kids zone section,(where they have a great huge water play area) which is where master J wanted to be the whole day. However, as we rounded the bend the skies began to flash and droplets began to fall. Rain's not an issue when you're going to play in water but lightning is, so sadly just as the boys had changed into their boardies, they closed the wet play zone. After waiting a long time for the storm to pass (which it didn't)  and A couple of tanties later (as we have authority over the skies, it IS all our fault) we decided to call it a day. Z-mans eyes were now hanging out of his head, but even in his tired state you could not wipe the smile from his face. As we headed home on the BKE, his eyes sank closed his face still in a full smile.

The excitement continued after a short home rest as we decided to head out to dinner, something we haven't done as a family in a long time. We do lunch alot, but not dinner, so this was a special treat.

We walked the banks of Clark Quay, took in the sites smells sounds, kids skipping down the pathways to end up at Indochine, where Master Z was the centre of attention with the waitresses. After a gorgeous meal, we strode the banks again as the area came alive as dusk fell.

Home again, we've since poured four tired little bodies into beds, with not a peep. Time for me to head too....

 A fabulous ending to a fab weekend - hope yours was just as great!

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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Start with a word

So... I've been struggling with the fact that it has been forever since I posted. The more time that went by the less I knew where to start.

Alot has happened in the past month. We've celebrated two birthdays, countless class events at our house, parent/teacher interviews, meeting new friends, illness, wellness, start of brand new kindy, move into a big bed, teeth lost, first wobblies of Master L, vets visits and stays and excited reunions, start of farewells for friends, surprises, frustrations, disappointments, jubilations, learning to read for one munchkin, devouring novels for others, goals set...(some maintained... Others... Yeah right, what was I thinking?)flurry of designs, party bags, hard decisions on self-employment verses 'company time', tough times, good times, great friends connecting around the world and my debut into Sequins, Stillettos and Sparkle daily photoblog with the fabulous Belinda (please go follow us girls as we share our lives, two cities half way round the world in a daily photo)

Ok, breathe....

There, I knew the words would come if I just all caught up now?

Thanx to my beautiful hubby and a nice new birthday toy yesterday, I am now able to mobile blog again, no longer pinned down to my desktop and the uncomfortable space of the family work station, which is situated in the middle of our house, I can now roam freely. Infact as I'm typing this I'm following Master Z from room to room keeping him out of trouble...iPad Ultimate multiple-tasking, I am back people!

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Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Busy Signal...

ok... so sorry, been a little busy

good busy - not sick busy like previously (just in case you were wondering) 
Busy updating B's fabulous Blog Cupcakes, Frocks & Pink (please go and check it out... am a proud mamma) 
& organizing class functions for 3 of the kids classes... (hand made invites for J's class, L & S - both graphical email invites - - don't worry I will recycle the BBQ apron idea for the other classes sometime in the next three terms)

But just wanted to quickly drop in and say how even though at times they drive me crazy.... I am soooo in love with my kids...
aren't they just gorgeous?

Sunday, February 06, 2011

Sweet 16th... not so much!

... it's been 42 days, 23 hours and 25 minutes since my last party...

As dear friends of ours set up in Melbourne for the first time in 15 years, and their kids start new schools - I am both extremely excited for them, but saddened at the same time. Distance means visits are going to be few and far between. But I have some great memories from when they lived here and when they lived in Jakarta as well - 'popping-in' frequently for a weekend or so. Any party, they would be here... but the most significant of all was Master J's 16th that we hosted.  It was an international event as they flew in from Jakarta and all his friends in Singapore attended. 
This was the second 16th I've hosted.... strange you would say, considering my oldest is 8. The first was held as a joint 16th/leaving party, she chose the theme - I just ran with it (more on that one another day) This party I was given free reign. I had to reveal the theme, but the activities were saved till the day. Ideas were flooding out my head for this party, I didn't want the kids to just come hang eat talk and leave - it needed to be fun, but not lame, a party that would be talked about for months later. 
So I decided to base it on Fear Factor.
As are talking teenagers here, I designed the invite to be sent by email and a Facebook event was created. (yes I now am 'friends' with with 35 sixteen year olds!)
We ended up changing the time to 6pm, due to sporting commitments and the change ended up being perfect as at 3pm on the dot we had a torential downpour - - nothing worse than rain just before a party that was to be outside right?? Wrong, I couldn't have staged the set more perfectly.
pre-party downpour
At 6pm droves of teenagers flocked into our place, mulling around as we waited on the last few taxied arrivals. As each one arrived we put their name in a bucket (we did this at arrival just incase we had no shows or late comers) whilst feeding them with Mr Hoe's fabulous Fish n' Chips, I organized the adults of the group that had agreed to attend with their duties as race officials. Each was given a clipboard and a team for scoring purposes.

Names were drawn randomly out of the bucket and and were placed into 5 teams of four (originally 6 but we had a couple of no shows... which meant two adults also participated in the events) There were numerous races, two were team effort, four were individual events. Each team member had to participate in one individual event each (they had to choose which one they would do and couldn't do two)

First up... Obstacle Course - - Team Event
Half  The Arena in Daylight
This started with all team members joined together with hands and feet by a chain and then locked with a bicycle lock in colours matching their team. When the whistle blew, they had to hobble their way to the other end of the yard as a team (minus 1point for not going as a team), where a bucket waited full of compost, blood & bone, worms and anything else disgusting we could find. Buried somewhere in each bucket was the key for the bike lock, they had to dig it out, unlock each other, once all chains were off they had to run back down the yard together as a team (minus 1point for not going as a team) where a stick in their colour, was stuck into the ground. First team member had to spin around the stick (with the forehead on the top of the stick) ten times, then run (HA!) further down the lawn to a basket full of eggs, which they then had to throw one back to the next team member. Each egg caught successfully earned them 2pts each. First team to finish and have everyone behind the line got 5 points and would be the first team in the next race. 2nd got 4 points etc..
Digging For Keys
Digging for Keys
Spinning - and that is the Birthday Boy's Father 'trying' to run to the other end of the field!
Second Event - The Slide - Team Event.

In order of teams determined by the last race. Each team slid down a slide running with water and soap around the edge of the slide were poles, each team member was given rings and the object was to get as many rings on the poles as possible whilst still moving. Points awarded per ring and points awarded for time.
Third Event - The Skull - Individual Event
**Warning the following may be disturbing for some readers**

All Good Fear Factors have some kind of eating competition in it. Without knowing what they would be consuming someone from each team had to put their hand up for this event. Now if you don't know what is in a concoction, your imagination can run wild, especially if gross ingredients are on display. Earlier in the day, I went to the local wet market and picked up some items (that I didn't put in the milk shake... actually one item was put in) after the team members had lined up, I bought out the plate first, which contained, pigs hoof, frogs legs, durian (really stinky Asian fruit that smells like feet), heart & liver. I do have a close up of this plate, but won't sicken you all by posting that picture.
The actual milkshake (which honestly is just as gross, but actually edible) was made with-
Rice Milk, Durian, Durian Ice-Cream, avocado, and for a bit of lumpiness, Gummy worms.
Points awarded in order of finishing...

Fourth Event- Ice Dive - Team Event.

All team members had to line up at one end of the yard. When the whistle blew, first member had to run to end of the yard, where there was a bucket full of ice (not just a little ice.... FULL OF ICE) containing 4 dive sticks. Without using their hands at all, they had to bob for the dive sticks - -talk about brain freeze! They had to pick one out with their mouth and place in the basket beside the bucket without touching it. Then run back and tag team member... and so on. Points deducted for touching the dive stick, points awarded in order of placing.
Fifth Event- The Snake Dive - Individual Event

Single team members lined up infront of the table and then blindfolded. Keep in mind, that it was FOLLOWING the Skull, and they would not even get to see the plates I put in front of them- Brave kids! 
This one actually wasn't that bad, but it was more the fear of the unknown. Prior I had made massive bowls of Jelly, mixing in a gazzilion natural confectionary snakes and one rubber snake into each bowl.
Simple first to find the rubber snake wins.
Sixth Event - SCREAM factor - Individual Event

Kinda Speaks for itself.... scream your lungs out- loudest wins. Glad I warned the neighbours on this party... as was insanely loud (may want to adjust speaker volume now) and yes, one team was kind enough to let little Miss S & little Miss R compete together for their team
Seventh and final Event - Pool Challenge - Individual Event

One member from each team had to glide across the pool, using a boogy board. Had to travel as far as they could without using their hands or feet as momentum. Other teams were able to shoot them with rubber balls to try and stop their attempt. Two attempts given each.

A friend kindly offered to have a cake made at the American Club, using the graphics I had created for the invitation as edible icing, saving me some time in cooking the cake myself. Unfortunately it wasn't as big as they had said it was and was a little bit of a disappointment when it arrived, but it was delicious and did the job in the end.
A few of the filthy animals
Whilst we tallied the points, kids just kept getting messier and messier (as I said, the afternoon downpour was perfect!)
Once my backyard was completely trashed, points were tallied and kids washed off a little bit, Mr & Mr C awarded prizes to the teams, which consisted of
1st Place - Megazip Passes
2nd Place - Gold Class Vouchers
3rd Place - Indonesian Goodies
4thPlace - Indonesian Goodies
5th Place - Interested Bug Infested Keyrings 
Overall Winners (I think they were the White Team) 
Testament to what a great party was, that those not on curfews, hung around into the night, playing bullrush in the mud, swimming in the pool and basically just hanging out with us oldies as we put our feet up and relaxed.
Talked about for months to come - CHECK
Every couple of weeks, I still get comments on the FB album of the photos, which spurs other comments reminiscing about the party.
Sweet 16th? 
... maybe not, but it definitely did have the Josh Factor.

Thursday, February 03, 2011

Promise Me

Ok.... Drum roll please.....

I was hanging out with friends yesterday (which resulted in a nice self-inflicted headache this morning :-) they took precedence over my blog. But finally, as promised, my list for Promise Me.
These are in no particular order, except the order that I wrote them in. I've added a tab at the top of my blog that you can click on and keep track of my progress. As I said, I will be posting pictures of my accomplishments or progress. I've done 34 as that is how old I'll be this year. (actually I wrote 33, and then whilst writing this, I really wanted a special meaning behind it, so sneakily cheated by adding one more after my date deadline of the list)
Some are silly, some are simple, some are complicated. enjoy...

  1. Cook Drew his favourite meal & have a candlelit dinner in the backyard
  2. Paint a canvas (or two) for the guest bedroom
  3. Photo-shoot of the kids for the bathroom & give kids bathroom a makeover
  4. Get eyelash extensions (tee hee hee)
  5. Take a day and explore JB
  6. Picnic with bubbles with the kids and take photos (thanks for this idea Jess)
  7. Read one book each month for a year (if I read twelve in one month, that doesn't count - I want to read at least one book every month)
  8. Go to a boxing class
  9. Have a family photo-shoot (with me in it)
  10. Send a handwritten letter to someone
  11. Sew something special for each child
  12. learn more about my garden and spend more time gardening (start with around annex)
  13. Sort/categorize my photos, duplicate and store properly
  14. Make a memory frame for my dad
  15. Get a complete Health-check
  16. Learn to play a few Christmas carols on the piano (well enough to perform in front of people)
  17. Make and then master a souffle
  18. Try glass etching (following Jess' instructions)
  19. Take a Zumba lesson
  20. Take up swimming lessons with Zac
  21. Make cupcake toppers in Mass and store for future cakes
  22. Walk the McRitchie trail
  23. Make a dinner with ingredients purchased solely from wet markets & spice markets
  24. Complete a jigsaw puzzle (at least 1000 pieces)
  25. go on a 'date' with each child (and get Drew to do the same)
  26. Eat at the following Hawkers Centres: Lau Pa Sat. Adam Road, Chinatown, Chomp Chomp, Newton Circus, Tiong Bahru Food Centre, Lavender Food Square
  27. Build a lego set of each age bracket (0-2, 3-4, 5-6, 7-8, 9-11 & 12+yr)
  28. Create a herb garden
  29. Have a tea party with Shayla
  30. Build a fort with/for the boys
  31. Make my own Chocolate Modeling Clay
  32. Decorate cake with Chocolate Modeling Clay
  33. Get keepsake chests for all the kids, sort stuff I already have for them and then add as time goes on.
  34. Learn how to play mahjong (proper mahjong not Tai Tai mahjong)

Tuesday, February 01, 2011

A Pinch and a Punch

Tuesday is the new Friday 
Gong Xi Fa Cai everyone!
School celebrations for the chinese new year happen next week, after they return from their break- so more on that next week.

We are proud to announce that after 9 months of anticipation, S now proudly holds in her hands a beautifully formed baby...... tooth. Honestly, this is her fourth tooth to have a human's gestation period. It began to wobble at the end of March just as we were packing up to move house. I remember discussions on whether the tooth fairy would be able to find the new place. At that stage she had already lost her two front bottom teeth and had two top wobblers. At exactly nine months after it began to wobble, she lost one in October. Two more teeth had joined the wobbly brigade by Halloween and two more somewhere at the beginning of November.  I had momentary flashes of her loosing all four top teeth and two bottom ones and just being gummy for Christmas. But still we play the waiting game. Chinese New Year is upon us and only lost one.
If I wasn't old hat at her tooth losing ways, I would say she would lose another two this week as they are insanely wobbly... but just like her, I guess they'll pop out when they are properly cooked.
Yesterday I promised projects- so here is the first
Project #1
It's a New Day, A New Month, A New Year...

Today marks the beginning of a year for me personally. My new year will Run Feb to Feb.
I'm not one for New Year's Resolutions, but I do like the idea of setting goals for myself, as I know there were million things that I would have loved to do last year, but never got around to it.
I started following Jess over at pen n' paperflowers (as everything on there is just gorgeous) and and a blog post by her got me excited. After accomplishing a birthday list last year of things she would like to do by her birthday, she is now doing what she has coined 'Promise Me' and it's about enriching one's life. 
It's not a list of things like 'I will get healthier' 'I will lose 5kg' as most New Year's resolutions are. It's more about things that enrich me, my life, make me smile and make my personal relationships stronger. Some are insanely silly little things that I've wanted to try, but never have. Some I have taken from Jess's birthday list from last year as I just loved them. You may giggle at some of the items, others you may find yourself wishing to do.
I have spent the last week putting my list together and I will post my list tomorrow. I'll be following Jess on her journey - will you follow me on mine?
As I achieve things on my list, or even start them (if they are a stages item) I will blog about my progress and post photos to show you how I did. Then I will reflect on the list in it's entirety next Feb. Check back tomorrow for my full list (am not posting it today... as I've ranted enough for one day :-)

Excerpt that inspired me from Jess at Pen n'Paperflowers:
I'm taking the entire month of January to create my list of "promises".
It's not a list where you'll find anything about losing weight or exercising more. (that's a different list). *wink*
This is another list of FUN things I want to achieve.
Most will be related to "creative" things that inspire me...
because for me...
that's what makes me happy.
There will be "promises" that involve fun activities to strengthen my relationship with my daughters.
"Promises" that will bring "added value" to my home...
to my life...
to my family...
and ultimately...
to ME.

Each of these promises will have one resounding common thread...