Sunday, March 20, 2011

Four Kids, a Wagon and a Barbie Doll

Today has seen our 'little' clan on fun-filled adventures across the island... And luckily for her Ms S's class barbie doll was spending the weekend with us. No Ms S is not Barbie crazy, as the photos suggest. She has a few, yes, but not they are not favorite playthings. This barbie goes home with a student and then they write about the time that they spent with her. Talk about an expat bit of plastic, this doll has been to see the Lion King, an island in Malaysia and even skiing in Austria.

But back to our day today.

Firstly, I got to sleep in!! This never happens... So I was stoked to be awoken at 9:40am with coffee and toast in bed- what a gorgeous hubby I have! I do hear twangs of jealousy stirring among my followers, but believe me, It was well deserved!

I got home at 2.45am from the annual Trivia night for Sunrise Children's Villlages in Cambodia (shall post on that amazing night and fantastic charity in the next couple of days) the boy who was suffering from man-flu, was ordered (with zero protest) to stay in and rest, so I was extremely grateful when he got up for the munchkins and kept them quiet whilst I slept this morning.

9.40 is an amazing sleep in, especially since promises were made the day before, which meant nagging for my boy started the moment their little feet hit the floor. Finally awake & we were up and out the door... we were headed to the zoo.

We do love the zoo, but haven't been there in over a year since our membership lapsed and I hadn't got around to renewing. So today's trip was quite special, as it was all about the Z-man. The animal loving little mite was going to have his first of many memorable encounters out at Mandai Lake Rd. He's been before, infact I pretty much lived there when he was an infant- the yearly family zoo pass is such amazing value and the park so great with the kids zone, you have to take advantage when you can.... but the last time we were there Z was less than one, so no real interaction happening there.

Just inside the park, first animal spotted....  tiny Cotton-Topped Tamarin monkeys
Usually we head out at opening, it means we avoid the crowds, the heat and the rain. Today, thanks to me, we headed out a little later. Yes it was hot, yes there were piles of people, yes we ran well into master Z's sleep time and yes it ended up raining-- none-the-less, it was brilliant!

We finally renewed our family pass (valid for 2 adults and 3kids, luckily under 3yrs are free) hired our radio flyer wagon to transport the younger kids and bags, grabbed a quick bite at the front of the park & headed inside. At every habitat we visited, there was so much excitement flowing through master Z's whole body, it was a joy to witness. For every complaint about heat, sore legs, the fact that we wouldn't let him sit in the wagon as he's now too big, thirst or hunger that came from the eldest child it was counter suited by the youngest bursting out of his skin at each new live encounter. He could barely contain himself as he clambered out of the wagon in almost a panic state 'quick, quick, QUICK!' at each pitstop.

After a good couple of hours being entertained by little furries, we finally made it up to the kids zone section,(where they have a great huge water play area) which is where master J wanted to be the whole day. However, as we rounded the bend the skies began to flash and droplets began to fall. Rain's not an issue when you're going to play in water but lightning is, so sadly just as the boys had changed into their boardies, they closed the wet play zone. After waiting a long time for the storm to pass (which it didn't)  and A couple of tanties later (as we have authority over the skies, it IS all our fault) we decided to call it a day. Z-mans eyes were now hanging out of his head, but even in his tired state you could not wipe the smile from his face. As we headed home on the BKE, his eyes sank closed his face still in a full smile.

The excitement continued after a short home rest as we decided to head out to dinner, something we haven't done as a family in a long time. We do lunch alot, but not dinner, so this was a special treat.

We walked the banks of Clark Quay, took in the sites smells sounds, kids skipping down the pathways to end up at Indochine, where Master Z was the centre of attention with the waitresses. After a gorgeous meal, we strode the banks again as the area came alive as dusk fell.

Home again, we've since poured four tired little bodies into beds, with not a peep. Time for me to head too....

 A fabulous ending to a fab weekend - hope yours was just as great!

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  1. Beautiful photo's Trini!
    Glad to see you back in Blogland sharing the amazing adventures of your family!
    And yes, you do deserve a sleep in every now and again :) x