Saturday, January 15, 2011

Hello, My name is Trini, and I'm a Partyholic...

.... it's been 21days, 2hr and 54mins since my last party.
For those that know me, you know I love to entertain. We have people almost every weekend, sometimes twice on weekends and occasionally even mid-week. Thankfully I married a man who also loves social interaction, and gets antsy if we haven't done a BBQ or at least people over for drinks in 10 days. Socializing is great, but there is nothing like throwing a full on party. It's been just over 21 days & I'm now having withdrawals.
So, thought I would start sharing some of my parties that I have thrown in the past, not only to give those that don't know me a taste of what I'm like, but also just to document for myself. I think I'll start by going backwards....

#1 Cromie's Orphan Christmas on the Lawn
Every year we gather those around us that don't make the pilgrimage home for the holidays. It's our way of bringing a bit of cheer and spirit to those around us, and to give our kids a hearty Christmas full of laughter and great food. Anyone is welcome and guests are welcome /encouraged to bring their friends or relatives that may be in town too. 
We spent Christmas morning just as everyone else did, buried in a sea of wrapping paper, taking those insane twistie ties off all the toys, adding batteries to those that Santa had forgotten to do. Then as D helped the kids explore their new treasures I set about the setup and cooking. I'm not totally insane, I had done some prep the day before, but I am a last minute kinda gal.
As the weather was looking iffy, I left outside till last, deciding to start setting the table at 2 as everyone was arriving at 3, just in case of rain. at 1:30, it rained lightly for 15 mins - - I breathe a sigh of relief as I started to lay the table.
Just as our 34 adults, 24 children descended on us, the skies opened. And I mean literally as they descended on us. A bus load of guests arrived and as they turned up our driveway, it started to HAMMER down. With a shrug (and a large glass of Veuve!) we greeted our guests. Children shuffled themselves off to the kids rooms, immediately segregating into Boys and Girls... they didn't care about the rain. We just poured the wine and chatted. Everyone had bought at least one plate of food, so we got that sorted inside (instead of the original outside plan) -As you can see my theming was red and white....

Singapore gets rain often, this I've already mentioned. It usually passes and if it does everything dries off relatively fast. So after the torrential downpour, I set to striping and resetting the outside table. As long as they had a glass in their hands, everyone was happy to help pitch in. Red skirting was thrown over the pool fence or in the dryer. White table cloth was replaced with my white photography backdrop, plates were wiped, candles emptied chairs dried - all with relative ease. (below, half way through the reset... skirting on the pool fence)
As we waited for the skirting to dry and my turkey was resting we were surprised by some Carolers. Domestic Helpers on their day off had banded together and were walking from house to house singing Christmas Carols for anyone who would listen. Yes, I thought of everything... well ok, this was a complete fluke that just made me look good (which I did confess to later) but definitely in my notes for must do next time!
After caroling, came the man in the Big Red Suit. Actually he was ready before the carolers- After scanning the crowd for potential St Nicks (D sooo not interested in doing it) one man finally agreed to do it. Just as he was about to step outside, the carolers had turned up, so he waited patiently whilst everyone sang their hearts out. Remembering it is 32 degrees in Singapore, patiently is such a feat! So this poor man lost about 10 pounds whilst waiting.  With a Ho Ho Ho, and no sign of heat exhaustion he emerged and did a brilliant job! One by one the kids sat on his knee, each of them walking away with one of my fabulous Stuffed Parties Jumbo Christmas stockings. 
Then it was the adults turn. Each adult had to bring a gag secret santa gift, anywhere from $0-20, the tackier the better! Whilst being fed beer through a straw, Santa endured every single person (and the men seemed to get bigger the further along he went) There were some beautiful and original gifts, I must say. D got a hot pink cadillac, I got a giant (and I mean giant) singing christmas bauble - which I have had to since confiscate off the kids. We had purchased a giant toothpaste tube toilet roll holder & had MY photo engraved on a beautiful keyring, but wait it gets better- it lit up! Gifts to be surely treasured forever! 
After Santa was relieved (and returned to his normal state of shorts and t-shirts) We brought the food outside, carved up the turkey and sorted out the kids. Kiddie tables were scattered around the yard and all chomped down happily, whilst big people had more drinks. The table was re-skirted and just as we lit all the candles on the table, the miniature Xmas trees' lights were turned on across the table and as the torches were lit behind the table, there was a huge clap of thunder. Looks like we were destined not to actually eat on the lawn. 
With a heave ho, all the men of the crowd carried the huge table of food fully laden up the stairs and into the middle of our lounge room, just in time for torrential rain hit the ground.
What could we do??? 
We Laughed!
Absolutely divine food and plenty of it followed, then continued into the scrumptious desserts. 
I had made the 10kg Turkey, Roast vegetables, Thai Pineapple Rice salad, deviled eggs, A simply scrumptious Chocolate Trifle (never done a chocolate one before and it was sooo delicious) and of course my prize pavlova. Each family had brought at least one dish as well, so we were overflowing in food! 
The rain continued into the night as we poured family after family into taxis, with the last departure about 11 we flopped wearily on the couch to hoe into the left overs.
'Twas a fab night, a great tradition started back in Hong Kong that we will continue to do as often as we can. But perhaps next year we'll have a marquee...


  1. Good lord you know how to throw a party! I cannot believe I am the complete opposite, when we eventually pay back friends, family, or neighbors I am to be found sick for days with twisted knots in my tummy lol. But once the party begins I'm usually ok. Usually haha.

    I love your blog. I love the way you write, your very clever and entertaining. You should have been doing this 10 years ago!!

  2. Wow -Thanx! It's great to hear you say that as have entered this world in trepidation, wondering if anyone would be interested in reading what I have to say. I'm not the writer in the family (that's my gorgeous big sister) but after talking to B figured why the hell not, if nothing else it will be great for me to look back on when my memory starts to fade.
    And yes, I do love to party, now enter me in a marathon- then I'll be knotted and physically ill

  3. Oh, that looks amazing! And yes, I can see you love parties. And it seems you do them so well! All that work every 10 days or so would be exhausting for me, but I can see you thrive on it! xx

  4. I can't wait until we come to Singas. X
    B x

  5. Haha at least you don't have to (or can't) talk to anyone during a marathon LOL I'm a tad shy so I'd choose marathon any day!

    More people need to read your blog. Your a fantastic writer.


  6. It was the most amazing party and one of the best Xmases we have ever had thanks to you Trini. Can't wait for today and the Royal celebration x