Friday, January 14, 2011

in for repair...

I LOVE to snuggle up with pillows and a doona, in my scrumptious bed, designing, FBing, Twittering, trawling the internet and stumbling through my new found love of blogging. It's where I feel at home.
I've suddenly found myself at a loss now as I can no longer blog in my comfy zone. My laptop unexplainably died the other night, straight after posting 'How our Bodies Deal'. Took it in for repairs and found out that it was the only one of my Apple products we didn't take the apple care warranty out on. (of course it is! And it's Just out of warranty!)  Looks like the logic board needs replacing (phew haven't lost any of the stuff I hadn't backed up yet - - which is alot) but bad news is that it means $$$
So until I can get it repaired, am stuck working on my desktop - - which is not my ideal creative zone. And although great for graphic design/photography purposes... not an ideal size to be lugging to the bedroom. Now I need to reconnect with my IMAC, it's been a while, there is hours ahead of me cleaning it up - transferring graphics and photos to external drives to free up space..... urghhh....
 Although the machinery of the house may be still in intensive care, the little people are doing well. Z hasn't had a fever in 24hrs now and has broken out in a beautiful post-viral rash, so he is healing really well. His spirits are back up and we all enjoyed his rendition of the Star Wars song over dinner (then encore after encore as he realised he was super cute!)  S's eye is back to normal, but she remains on drops for a few days. We are hitting the kitchen this weekend, as Singapore's biggest Junior Masterchef Fan, she is begging me to show her the workings of the kitchen. L is back at soccer in the morning (thankfully) he'll be able to run off some of that energy on the field. J is into yet another novel and I think a trip to Borders this weekend to spend some of his Christmas money may be in order.
Me, well am hoping that these antibiotics kick in tomorrow, am feeling better, but still waiting for that wow, I feel so much better feeling. 
Thank you all for your thoughts, love & beautiful emails/posts/fb messages etc - keep sending them our way!
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  1. Sounds like normality is returning. . It's always a relief when something starts working again. Can't bear to think of the mess in QLD too much.

  2. Oh, you're all sick over there! I'm so sorry. But it looks like the little fella is feeling a bit better. Gorgeous photo! xx