Sunday, January 16, 2011

Is there a doctor in the house?

... it's been 22days and 15mins since my last party.

#2 Animal Rescue/Veterinary 7th Birthday Party
My kids spend the entire year leading up to their birthdays deciding what type of party they are going to have and what kind of cake they want. They are fully aware that it is an excuse for me to get my party fix, and expect nothing less than a Cromie party. S announced early in the year that she wanted an Animal rescue/vet party for her 7th birthday. Usually ideas change alot throughout the year, so I didn't put much thought into what to do. But as the time grew closer, she was still determined that that's what she wanted.

Her birthday is at the beginning of October, but as this was school holidays and the week that we threw D's 40th in Bali, I postponed it by one month.

This year I have been a bit slack on invitations. Usually I hand-make invites with allot of thought and care, (e.g. for her second birthday, a princess party, everyone was sent a flat invitation with simple instructions that turned into Princess/Prince cone hat with tassels and elastic with one fold, Everyone then wore it to the party - but that's a different party) Not this year, this year was the definitely the year of e-invites all round. I turned to Sendomatic and their barking dog invites to send to the girls. 
With the invites out and 100% attendance expected, I needed to get into the swing of what I was actually going to do. I was a little side-tracked by final plans for D's big day, and time started creeping away.
But the whole party turned into a no-brainer when I typed in Animal Rescue party into google. I was just looking for a couple of suggestions on things to do to create my event, but within two seconds I had stumbled on Jennifer's webpage for her daughter's 8th party**more details at bottom of entry**
Armed with Jennifer's ideas, for the running of the party. I needed a triage unit, I needed stuffed toys, medical supplies & then I decided that the kids really needed scrubs. I was all set to hit Arab Street for fabric, haul out the sewing machine and get sewing on 30 miniature scrubs. It was at this point that a very good friend called from Jakarta. I chatted with her over a glass of wine, telling her all the plans for the party and how little time I had (think there was a week to go at this stage) she listened sympathized supportively as she always does, then expressed regret that she no longer lived in Singapore. 'Hey, Jakarta is only like an hour and half away, jump on a plane, come for the weekend!' After more chatting, Mrs C who is not one to miss a Cromie party, had pretty much booked her ticket.
Later that night, she text me saying that she may have a solution for the scrubs, that one of the workers there knew a tailor that could get them done cheap and fast, plus she and her daughter were heading out in the morning in search of toy medical kits and then to visit the tailor. Gobsmacked I waited for her contact in the morning, where sure enough, she had sorted out the costumes and had picked up some medical kits. Her and daughter Mini C were on a flight later in the week and she would be picking up completed kits on the way to the airport. She is truly an amazing friend I must say!
Day before, saw me cooking cakes and making logos for name badges, signs, and diagnosis charts, and not to forget making drip bags late at night for the triage unit. (I like to leave things till the last minute) With Mrs C Mini C now in town, it was full steam ahead.
Day of the party, I set to decorating the cake (yes I had left it to that day) and Mrs C & Mini C helped with staging the party, including stranding all animals over the property. The day was not void of obstacles as we struggled with making sure the IV stand didn't fall over in the wind, and the shear weight of it as well. Party food had to get underway, Pictures had to be taken, printed and enveloped (printer stuffed up, thought that was going to be it, but came through at the 11th hour and everything printed just in time)... needless to say it was a very busy morning!
On arrival, each girl was ushered outside to the 'Cromie Veterinary Clinic' to receive: 1) Full Scrubs 2) Name Badge 3) Stethoscope 4) Medical supplies 5)Personalized Chart & pen (any siblings that came were given all of the above minus scrubs, as we only had 30 plus Z's mini one) Have to say the scrubs were AMAZING - I was just going to whip some shirts together and do some hats, what Mrs C brought with her were fully finished scrubs, pants, tops with pockets and hats. All completely finished with double stitching and labels.
 Once everyone was changed we issued everyone with an envelope. Each envelope contained two photos. One close up of their dog or cat they had to rescue, and one picture far away, showing where their animal needed rescuing from.
There was then a mad dash through the yard to find their animal and get them as quickly back to triage as they could.
This party then pretty much ran itself, the girls were content to bandage their animals. All taking stats like weight, length etc. Making their own diagnosis and treatment plans. Bandages were wrapped, needles (ok they were toothpicks at the bottom of the IVs) poked in, medicine give and even prescriptions written. We had everything from blind dogs to those with runny poos, broken ribs and broken ears. Their imaginations ran wild, whilst us adults sat back with a glass of vino and dined on some delicious tid-bits. This was a 'drop your daughter and run' kinda party, but as usual 75% of the adults hung around for the duration.
After surgery, girls were split into two groups for pass the parcel - it just would have taken forever with the 34 kids that were there, plus the parcel would have been ginormous! I had planned a couple of little backup games, but by the time Clinic was done, party food and pass the parcel was done, it was time for cake....(have I mentioned that I love making cakes??)
Once our little vets had chopped up the kitty and eaten the mouse, it was home time, all taking their scrubs, newly rescued animals in carry bags, some medical stuff & a Stuffed Parties goody bag with them... well for some anyways. For others who's parents were enjoying the afternoon too much - it was into the pool to cool off.
From reports back, alot of the girls wore their scrubs to bed, and the following day too. Me thinks  it was a success

Inspiration: ** Please visit Jennifer's webpage for her Emily's 8th party. Jennifer is an amazing and wonderful mother who knocks stereotypes of homeschooling out of the park. She is truly an inspiration. (checkout her homeschooling website Toadhaven Homeschool - it is brimming with amazing projects & information) 


  1. Oh my. That party looked amazing! I can't believe the trouble you went to. Those party favours looked so cool... and their scrubs? I'm speechles! Well done you. Well done! xx

  2. Miss L asked if you could organise her next party.
    Mrs Cromie, you are the most amazing mummy. X

  3. I am gobsmacked, again. You are amazing!!!! I'm taking in everything and wondering if I can one day learn to love parties. I think if I had parties as great as yours there would be nothing to be nervous about! Can't wait to read the next one.

  4. What a fantastic theme, and the photo's look fantastic.
    Look forward to reading about the next party.!! :)
    Cheers, Tara x

  5. Thanks for the props, Trini! I appreciate it! I love how technology now allows us to be able to share ideas all around the world. So fun!!!

    I added some of your great party pictures and link to your party page to my website as well. Those are the cutest little mini scrubs!!

  6. Hi there

    Love the pics of your party - my daughter wants the same! Just wondering if your friend still had the contact for the people who sewed the scrubs as I am trying to find some near Australia.

    Hope you can help!

  7. They were made in Jakarta and unfortunately my beautiful friend has since moved even further away from me to country town Victoria. I'll ask her if she still has a contact for them.
    Originally I was going to make my own (sooo glad I didn't - there ended up being alot of them) Butterick have a great pattern - Butterick 5565 -Children's scrubs, shorts,hats
    I know you can find in Spotlight in Oz, you may be able to find a seamstress locally that can do them for you working off the Butterick pattern, just need some cheap fabric in the scrubs colours. When I worked in fashion in Sydney, the seamstresses would do jobs on the side at night for a great price.
    I'll post if I find out the Jakarta contact!
    Wishing you the best of luck - it was a really fun party!

  8. Thanks Trini. I actually popped into Spotlight today to look at patterns and found Kwiksew has a pyjama pattern which could also be adapted but I'll have a look at the Butterick one you mentioned.

    I happened to find a US website today - rmfscrubs - who have good shipping rates so I may just end up getting those shipped over.

    Good to know the tip about the seamstresses though for any other sewing I need done :)

    Thanks again for the inspiration....looking forward to the girls having as much fun.

  9. I am SO looking foward to doing this for my daugter's 14th b-day may think she is too old, but who is too old for a litle 'animal cops' and vet clinic fun?? ;D

  10. Wonderful party! Might I ask how you made the name tags with the custom logos (ect.)

  11. Hi Partyaholic . . .just glancing back at my sleeping blog and saw your comment - sorry for not replying sooner, but I designed the logo and made the tags myself. It's the little touches that make it fun :-)
    Thanks for reading, I was flicking through wondering if I should start back up again