Saturday, January 08, 2011

Here comes the Sun...

Singapore’s weather rarely changes,

“...and today’s weather is.... 32 degrees with a chance of rain” 

In fact we have a theory, that they have recycled the weather forecast from 1977. One thing you get very accustomed to here is being prepared with an umbrella. I have some in my car, by the door, in my handbag. Regardless of how sunny it is, chances are that you will be caught in at least one shower whilst out.

It’s tropical, it usually passes very fast and always dries out really quickly. I don’t mind, actually, I kinda like it. I find it a welcome change as it usually drops the temperature slightly. Those in Oz are thinking 32.. Wow I’d love 32, but ours is a different heat, it’s a tropical heat that is paired with 95% humidity. We do occasionally go over the 40 degree mark, and those days are insanely unbearable.

Recently though, the rain has been persistent. We should be coming to the tail end of the rainy season now (November, December). That’s the only seasons we have, no summer no winter.... Just wet and dry... And dry is still wet, just wet is wetter. Kids new favorite activity is rain riding. As long as there is no lightning I indulge their love to frolic in the rain, in the puddles in the mud. Their bikes may rust a little faster, but this is Singapore, everything rusts faster here.  It helps to shake off their cabin fever... for me that's all that counts.
‘Living in Singapore, we are ranked the second highest rate of lightning activity in the world after the mountains of eastern Democratic Republic of the Congo.’
ALL houses/building have lightning conductors in Singapore. either our house or one of our neighbours gets hit at least once a week. I’ve even had one of our trees explode in the front yard due to a lightning strike, electric gates explode – it’s all very dramatic!

But, today was a pleasant day. Yes we had a shower just before lunch, yes a storm threatened, but it never eventuated, a cool breeze ran through the house and the kids got to hit the pool.



  1. It does sound like fun! It has rained every day here (QLD) for well over 2 months so we are beginning to understand! I don't bother keeping the kids out of it either or the would become so stir crazy. You can keep the lightning strikes though!

  2. Beautiful pics.
    Rain riding - great memories :) X