Wednesday, January 05, 2011

Laughter is the Best Medicine!

The last week (and then some) I've been really really ill,  barely able to drag myself out of bed, any activity was quickly followed by a return to bed to sleep. During periods of consciousness, what I could hear was raucous laughter. Sometimes one voice, sometimes two, sometimes the whole lounge room would erupt. I would drift to sleep dreaming of joining them. I am thankful for my secret weapon, she allowed me to recover with the knowledge that my kids were safe, entertained and most importantly happy. I could go on here, but she is a topic for another blog - - today is about the medicine that made me better.

This morning I woke to the most beautiful giggles...
Z was playing peekaboo with his teddies in his cot as the sun crept under the door. It's virtually impossible to moan and frown when the most precious littlen sings Old McDonald at the top of his lungs. Still it was early and I'm still groggy and weak from eight days of little nourishment, so I dragged myself to his room, inched open the door peeking around the corner, hoping to be able to spy on him unseen only to be greeted by 'Mumma!!!'

The flurry of activity then had me giggling as usual. I get ordered around in the most politest of ways
"Mumma, blanket, put back peeease " (please Mummy make my bed)
"Bottle Milk, Zaccy doit! "  (I would like some milk, but can I pour the formula in?)
"Peease Nappy in da bin, Zaccy doit " (Please change my pants, and I'll put the nappy in the bin)
As he threw his arms around my neck kissing my cheeks and pulling silly faces at me amongst giggles, it was amazing that I could feel my strength returning. We headed to the kitchen -
"Mumma cook eggs for Zaccy" please- I reminded him .  "Peeeease" (grin) then to the fridge to get the eggs.

As we hung out in the kitchen, one by one other kidlets emerged, grinning from ear to ear to see Mumma back on her feet.
L is next with the bear hugs, me realizing that he would now not leave my side for the remainder of the day.  S goes all giddy jumping straight into cutesy voice and strokes my arm like a pony.  J, the eldest gives me a hug and a kiss, then remembers that he is too cool for so much affection so early in the morning.

I am not a morning person. But if every morning started like today I'd be springing out of bed.


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  1. How precious is each child. So different and so special each one. Love you all heaps. M.