Thursday, January 06, 2011

Reflections of Friendship

The re-appearance of me, after 2 & 1/2 yrs, into the Blogging world, is primarily due to an Old friend, B.

B and I met over 12 years ago and were drawn together by our mutual crushes... mine on a singer, hers on a guitarist. Mine was a very fleeting crush (seriously I think the relationship lasted a couple of weeks) whereas she was already dating said boy, and later moved on to marry and multiply with amazing results!

Our face to face friendship was brief, as I shortly after met the love of my life, who swept me off my feet and whisked me OS at amazing speed. Great oceans could not destroy the bond that we had formed.  For this I pretty much had no part in, but am forever grateful. As life progressed and I failed at keeping bridges between myself and old friends 'back home',
B never failed to keep contact. When I just could not be bothered working at keeping communications open with old friends (for which I will regret for a life-time) she never failed to pop up unexpectedly, from changes in home, email addresses, phone numbers - - somehow she found me (and all before FB!)

I do admit at times I thought it was a tad stalkerish that she kept finding me, without any help. But perhaps I felt that way because I myself was making no effort at all to keep contact with those I had connected to over the years, and found it hard to believe that one would value my friendship that much.
After years of short email updates, one-liner emails to check how I was- acquaintance stuff... FB happened. Her Blog happened.

Now I could glimpse into her life on my terms (hmmm... Had I become the stalker?)

The girl I once knew, swapped clothes with, clubbed with, was no longer there. What I could see was an amazingly beautiful woman, both externally and internally. Dedicated to her business and encompassed by her family, that she adores with her every fibre. B inspires everyone that knows her to strive to be a better parent, a better partner/lover, a better friend and a better person in general. To live life with passion.  I love the way she speaks about her two gorgeous cherubs, the way that they speak about her. From love notes in lunch-boxes, on dressing tables, text message, to surprise cards - the writings of a child never lie. They are a complete credit to
B & Mr K, as they could have only learnt how to express themselves with such love through their parents.

But what I love most, is she admits that she is not perfect, that life is not perfect... the glimpses into her life are not falsities, they are her life.  It is all true - no pretend. Since our reconnection on FB, we have once again started talking, sharing intimacies of a friendship. A friendship I now cherish greatly.

As an expat I see alot of people come and go, trying to maintain the image, but there is no sincerity in their actions. I’m still not great at separating the Bull***t from the crowd, but am getting better at doing so, and stronger at avoiding those that aren’t real.  True friendship is quite hard to find and especially difficult in this transient lifestyle. I have made a handful of amazing friends throughout my years abroad and for that I am blessed.

The more we talk, the more I am amazed that it took me so long to embrace this wonderful woman, but I think I may have needed to grow too. Selfless, supportive, inspiring, dedicated, unwavering, vulnerable, passionate- - If just half of her could rub off on me I would be most honored.
Mostly I want to say THANX  
B! For our friendship, I owe you big time!
Who knew the party girls from years ago, would be where we are today. Mwawww Love you Chickee!


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  1. Trini, Trini, Trini!!!
    Thank you for your beautiful words! I too feel the same way about you :)

    I have no idea how I kept finding you all those years ago {stalkerish I do agree}, I just new from our first encounter we were to be friends for a long time, even if it took you a while {year} to see.

    I am loving that you are blogging,I look forward to our twitter mails and thank you for being there for me when I have needed you.


    B x

    I love you and our friendship.