Thursday, January 06, 2011

The Art of Procrastinating

What did I do today?

Not much, and ALOT of it... but I was VERY busy whilst doing it.

Why is it, that a few weeks ago, I managed 1010 party bags (yes you will get this referred to quite a lot in my blog I'm sure, as I'm very proud of that weeks achievements!) and then one of the quietest week of my work year, sees me at Thursday night with my 100 bags still to do? All week I have found any excuse not to work, that includes creating a blog, tweaking said blog, reading other blogs, finding great blogs to follow, pondering exactly what I would post next as nothing interesting happened today apart from me doing alot of nothing & thumping away at the keyboard right now. Out of all the things I do well, I excel at the art of postponement.

I know that the bags will get done, I
ALWAYS meet a deadline, but why do I leave it to the last minute, when I've had all week to casually work through them? Now it’s going to be a long night or early morning... Who am I kidding? Looong night, I don’t do mornings remember?

I know it's not just me. My kids are also procrastinators, is that something they learnt from me, or developed all on their own? Let's not dwell the cause as I may not like the answer :-)

I know that family around the world are dying to know how the kids are doing, honestly not that much of an exciting day in the kingdom. It's holidays, we're bored, Mum has to work... but is finding other things to fill her day.

So what did we actually do today? 

(This is where I give permission for those not related by blood to tune out)

J & L had pretty much the same day as each other. Spent alternating on bikes, on Wii, eating, on bikes, on Wii etc.. everything in their own time. Ask them to do something, always found something much better to do, even if that thing was seeing how many times you could fold a piece of paper.
Wash your hands - -
‘in a sec mum, got to see which leaf is a darker colour.’ 
Please put the juice box in the bin - - ‘in a sec mum, I just have to finish.. ‘(trailing off into something indecipherable) 
Please put some clothes on L -  ‘I just have to...’
  J your shirt is on backwards, turn it around dude! - ‘After I kill this alien’
End result... sun has gone down I glance over at them caked in grime,  juice boxes littered the lounge, one naked boy, one with shirt on backwards debating who should go in the bath first. 

'But I can't as I am breaking the record for how long the spinning top goes for'
Sigh...I'll deal with them after I....

S slept in and I had to drag her out of bed at 7:45 (!) as she was going to the zoo with a friend. Although stupidly excited to go, I got greeted by a grinning grunt and a snuggle down further under her quilt, ‘Just five more minutes’  how old is she again? 7 going on 17. After taking FOREVER to do anything, I finally got her ready before her chariot arrived.  I get a text shortly after they arrive notifying me that she was now a honoree member of the 'A' family.  Their zoo pass was up for renewal and with the Singapore Zoo Family pass, you get to have two adults and three kids on the pass, which includes a photo. ('tis seriously great value! Plus, If you have a pass you can take an adult in place of your partner, and other children in place of your own - so you can have a completely different family for the day if you wish to do so). As the A's only have two kids, S got to be in their family portrait, and will have frequent trips to the zoo with the A's . (today's behavior dependent I'm sure)

Do we now have to hyphenate her name?

The Singaporean rain set in more than usual today, with the troupe making a premature departure from the zoo. S has decided to move in with her new adopted family, inviting herself for a sleepover, for which I don't blame her. Over there, she has two little sisters and NO brothers, plus they have hamsters - - thanks R... will never hear the end of it now! From what I gather, I believe she may have had a productive day after all?!?

Z was the busiest of them all, waking in song, as usual; putting his nappy in the bin outside, as usual; helping fix breakfast, as usual; helping hang the clothes out, as usual; then he was summoned down the road to his girlfriends house - the gorgeous 'E' to play and entertain her for a couple of hours; back for lunch where he clowned around, as usual. The day goes on like this. He is a little hard worker, loves helping out, loves sitting a chilling as I try to work. His procrastination always lies around going to bed, not wanting to miss a moment of what goes on in the household, he starts babbling as much as he can. He is our comedian, with a dry sense of humor that would have rivaled my father's. You cannot help to laugh, scoop him up and listen intently as he talks about dogs wearing shoes and hats.... eyebrow raises followed by a giggle - he knows he is funny. Every day he fills my heart! He finishes off his day trying unsuccessfully to get out of going to bed, nigh nigh Z  'Noooo... I watch dis' pointing at my computer –, sorry buddy

So from here I MUST say goodnight, I seriously need to go make magic with these party bags.
Sign off, pour a glass of red. But wait... I haven't checked in a
G's blog yet...

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  1. You do this with so many things including dinner & birthday parties. Many a night I have been up late with you doing last minute stuff. Always in the end it is done and just about always with extras.