Monday, January 10, 2011

How our bodies deal

I've been through hell in the last few weeks with various different illnesses (and now my eyes are watering with hay fever... arghh.. can't catch a break!)

So as illness is consuming my life at the moment, I'm curious....

What are you like when you are ill?

Me, I usually plow through unless I'm insanely sick. This usually means that I take longer to get over what I get.
D rarely gets ill, in the 12 years I've known him, think he's taken 3 sick dys (when he is ill though.... he is a typical boy - - no-one has ever felt as sick as he feels)

Not sure how
S deals really - - not yet. S takes after her father in the fact that she rarely gets ill. She has had two (count ‘em TWO) fevers in her whole life - not bad for a seven year old. One was after her Rubella injection at 15 months and the other was about a week before school broke up last year. Occasional runny noses and slight coughs.... but she keeps on going.

J is the Polar opposite. He gets fevers for EVERYTHING! To the point I don't get too worried if just a fever is involved. Unfortunately J was found to have an allergy to paracetamol at a very early age, which apparently tends to get worse with age (don't want to test that theory), so he gets a mixture of ibuprofen (which he gets nightmares with) and Voltaren. Weirdly enough he is also allergic to his own snot. Yes you heard me right....snot.
Thankfully I have managed to train him to blow his nose properly... but this is the kid that loves being filthy, he has one spoonful of yoghurt and it's everywhere, on his clothes, in his hair on the table, don't know how he gets any in his stomach! From a young age, if he had a runny nose, he would wipe it with his arm right, which ran it across his cheek. His skin reacts so badly, his nose his cheeks (and whatever else touches) would get a severe rash. But regardless what is wrong with him, he is a flaker. He goes flat, beaten by whatever illness has grabbed him and pathetic...

L is a vomiter. He is like clockwork. Once he starts you can clock him 6 hours from start to finish. If he starts just before bedtime, I know it's going to be a looooong night - guaranteed. He's one tough cookee... my his stomach can be a little sensitive (funny since he eats everything and he is an expat baby eating...he should have an iron gut) and if something doesn't sit quite right... up it comes. I don't think I've ever know him to throw up just once, it's always once he starts on it goes. Thankfully he is not like his older brother, not quite so keen on being filthy and has perfect aim into a bowl.  It's only when a fever accompanies, I know it's serious. Spirit wise, he is a roller-coaster. Upbeat, but goes flat about 45 mins or so before his next hurl.

Z is awesome. He continues to be so in every aspect of his personality. If you just watched him, listened to him - - you would have no idea he was running a 39.8 temperature. This morning I woke (at 7:50am!) to the first of my children waking up talking to his teddy. Was telling  teddy "Oh no bear, look wet... uh oh!" I walked into his room to found that he had thrown up all over his bedsheets. 'Oh Mumma, what a mess! So wet! Clean Peeease!" I picked him up and he giggled, pointing to his bed 'Oh what a mess' I gave him a cuddle and thought maybe he was a little warm due to having just woken up (all my boys are hot sleepers) I take his temp and find he is running 39.8. Let's have some medicine buddy. Then I pulled him into bed with D & Me, waiting for the others to wake up where he just talked my ear off. His temp has been up and down all day, appetite not really there, but just as happy and giggly as ever. It’s probably going to be a long night, as it is a high fever, but he is the happiest little sick guy and the smiles and love I get when I wake him to give him medicine is just precious. 
(The above photo is just before bed tonight, waiting for his temperature to go down before i put him down, cuddling me)
Every one of my babes is completely different, not just in their personalities, but how they deal with the obstacles. I love their differences - have to say it keeps me on my toes!


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