Wednesday, January 12, 2011

50 Facts About Me

My laptop has died, I'm still ill & Z man is still ill. You don't want to hear reruns of fevers and doctors visits, so I thought I would steal an idea that is swarming the blogging world at the moment. 
Thanks to Woogsworld, Cupcakes Frock and Pink & Diary of a Girl Abroad, in particular for starting the trend.

50 Random Facts about Trini

1. I am 33 years old
2. My eyes change between blue & green depending what I wear and my mood
3. I'm hyperflexible (sooo not as cool as it sounds)
4. Am allergic to Strawberries
5. Secretly love Chabby Chic, but own nothing of the sort
6. Not so secretly love Teen Feel Good flicks
7. In contrast, also love a good thriller
8. I was born in Paraguay
9. I am the second eldest of four
10. I did a 30 sec spot on Heartbreak High where I played a junkie
11. I used to Ballroom dance
12. I could spend all day home-wares shopping
13. I dislike clothes shopping
14. I HATE shoe shopping
15. I suffer from Patella Subluxation (kneecap dislocates spontaneously)
16. Came 2nd in a statewide fashion design competition
17. I have four gorgeous and extremely different children
18. I Love Elephants
19. Prefer Savory over Sweet
20. Can count all the pedicures I've had on one hand (or foot as you may)
21. Have never being skiing
22. More a bloke's girl than a girl's girl
23. Arnica is my secret weapon
24. When younger, I wanted to run an orphanage when I grew up
25. Since having babies, I cry whenever I see others cry, regardless of context (or even if I have no clue what the context is)
26. I cannot drink beer since the huge night in Uni
27. I battle with anxiety and depression
28. I have NEVER ever waxed
29. I have had my mouth washed out with soap for calling my sister a bitch
30. Cricket bores me (I have tried)
31. I love my Apple products (even with the issues at the moment)
32. I do not play tennis
33. I survived an attempted sexual assault
34. I can do anything creative that is thrown at me
35. I have no interest in doing a triathlon
36. 13 & 14 give me anxiety attacks
37. I think about my dad every day
38. Find it hard to say no
39. I married my best friend
40. My man makes me laugh every day
41. I played Juliet in year twelve and aspired to be an actor
42. Am very loyal to those I love
43. Cannot live without my strong blacks in the morning!
44. I am the one to put the furniture together and hang the pictures in our house
45. I can & love decorating a cake
46. Love Dim Sum Sundays with the kids
47. Only bones I have broken are toes (3)
48. Still check to see if all my kids are breathing before I go to bed
49. Would love to own a darkroom one day
50. I love throwing parties!


  1. My eyes seem to change between blue and green as well.
    I have never waxed either. Razor for me.
    My girlfriend played a prostitute in Two Hands.
    What a fab list - I learned a lot.


  2. Thanks for sharing..fab read..I posted a list following you now the lovely belinda sent me.

  3. Thanks Ali for adding me... new to this world, but really enjoying it. At first the 50 seemed like a really hard thing to write, on ending it, thought of so many more things I could've added - - perhaps another 50 this time next year :-) scooting over to your blog now

  4. Loving your list. And so nice to get to know you better ;) xx