Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Start with a word

So... I've been struggling with the fact that it has been forever since I posted. The more time that went by the less I knew where to start.

Alot has happened in the past month. We've celebrated two birthdays, countless class events at our house, parent/teacher interviews, meeting new friends, illness, wellness, start of brand new kindy, move into a big bed, teeth lost, first wobblies of Master L, vets visits and stays and excited reunions, start of farewells for friends, surprises, frustrations, disappointments, jubilations, learning to read for one munchkin, devouring novels for others, goals set...(some maintained... Others... Yeah right, what was I thinking?)flurry of designs, party bags, hard decisions on self-employment verses 'company time', tough times, good times, great friends connecting around the world and my debut into Sequins, Stillettos and Sparkle daily photoblog with the fabulous Belinda (please go follow us girls as we share our lives, two cities half way round the world in a daily photo)

Ok, breathe....

There, I knew the words would come if I just started...you all caught up now?

Thanx to my beautiful hubby and a nice new birthday toy yesterday, I am now able to mobile blog again, no longer pinned down to my desktop and the uncomfortable space of the family work station, which is situated in the middle of our house, I can now roam freely. Infact as I'm typing this I'm following Master Z from room to room keeping him out of trouble...iPad Ultimate multiple-tasking, I am back people!

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  1. I miss your blog:) Don't get caught up in all the hoo-haa, just do what you do best which is write from the heart xx