Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Busy Signal...

ok... so sorry, been a little busy

good busy - not sick busy like previously (just in case you were wondering) 
Busy updating B's fabulous Blog Cupcakes, Frocks & Pink (please go and check it out... am a proud mamma) 
& organizing class functions for 3 of the kids classes... (hand made invites for J's class, L & S - both graphical email invites - - don't worry I will recycle the BBQ apron idea for the other classes sometime in the next three terms)

But just wanted to quickly drop in and say how even though at times they drive me crazy.... I am soooo in love with my kids...
aren't they just gorgeous?


  1. Glad to hear you are still about.
    I am loving the gorgeous pics of you and the kids, beautiful family you have yourself there xo

  2. Thank you again for doing my fabulous blog! Big hearts.
    Talking about hearts, heart the pics of you and your gorgeous family. X