Tuesday, February 01, 2011

A Pinch and a Punch

Tuesday is the new Friday 
Gong Xi Fa Cai everyone!
School celebrations for the chinese new year happen next week, after they return from their break- so more on that next week.

We are proud to announce that after 9 months of anticipation, S now proudly holds in her hands a beautifully formed baby...... tooth. Honestly, this is her fourth tooth to have a human's gestation period. It began to wobble at the end of March just as we were packing up to move house. I remember discussions on whether the tooth fairy would be able to find the new place. At that stage she had already lost her two front bottom teeth and had two top wobblers. At exactly nine months after it began to wobble, she lost one in October. Two more teeth had joined the wobbly brigade by Halloween and two more somewhere at the beginning of November.  I had momentary flashes of her loosing all four top teeth and two bottom ones and just being gummy for Christmas. But still we play the waiting game. Chinese New Year is upon us and only lost one.
If I wasn't old hat at her tooth losing ways, I would say she would lose another two this week as they are insanely wobbly... but just like her, I guess they'll pop out when they are properly cooked.
Yesterday I promised projects- so here is the first
Project #1
It's a New Day, A New Month, A New Year...

Today marks the beginning of a year for me personally. My new year will Run Feb to Feb.
I'm not one for New Year's Resolutions, but I do like the idea of setting goals for myself, as I know there were million things that I would have loved to do last year, but never got around to it.
I started following Jess over at pen n' paperflowers (as everything on there is just gorgeous) and and a blog post by her got me excited. After accomplishing a birthday list last year of things she would like to do by her birthday, she is now doing what she has coined 'Promise Me' and it's about enriching one's life. 
It's not a list of things like 'I will get healthier' 'I will lose 5kg' as most New Year's resolutions are. It's more about things that enrich me, my life, make me smile and make my personal relationships stronger. Some are insanely silly little things that I've wanted to try, but never have. Some I have taken from Jess's birthday list from last year as I just loved them. You may giggle at some of the items, others you may find yourself wishing to do.
I have spent the last week putting my list together and I will post my list tomorrow. I'll be following Jess on her journey - will you follow me on mine?
As I achieve things on my list, or even start them (if they are a stages item) I will blog about my progress and post photos to show you how I did. Then I will reflect on the list in it's entirety next Feb. Check back tomorrow for my full list (am not posting it today... as I've ranted enough for one day :-)

Excerpt that inspired me from Jess at Pen n'Paperflowers:
I'm taking the entire month of January to create my list of "promises".
It's not a list where you'll find anything about losing weight or exercising more. (that's a different list). *wink*
This is another list of FUN things I want to achieve.
Most will be related to "creative" things that inspire me...
because for me...
that's what makes me happy.
There will be "promises" that involve fun activities to strengthen my relationship with my daughters.
"Promises" that will bring "added value" to my home...
to my life...
to my family...
and ultimately...
to ME.

Each of these promises will have one resounding common thread...

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  1. I'm sure the tooth fairy will find Miss S just fine, very cute smile by the way :)

    Also, looking forward to seeing your list of promises xo