Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Wedding Extravaganza Sneak Peeks

**Please note that I am not obsessed with the Royal Family - A good friend suggested that I throw a Royal Wedding Watching party in lieu of the Oscar Brunch that I usually throw and was cancelled due to unforeseen circumstances. I hardly knew anything about the royal family & their love lives... but in true form, have thrown myself into this party. 

I couldn't post the invitation picture in IKEA...so here it is:

The official wedding invitation has been sent out to friends
inspired by the extremely talented Susan Taylor
and her commemorative tea-towel

I'm not letting all these details be available to our guests so there is a much bigger impact when they walk through the door... so let's just keep this between us ok ?

I've decided to empty my lounge room area of all my gorgeous Asian art, as this will be the reception area for guests. Will & Kate (the official commemorative version - whom have now arrived via Fedex from Star Stills) shall be standing ready to greet all guests as they walk the red carpet which will run from the front door through the lounge room out onto the deck and onto the lawn - where my 1.8m Westminster Abbey will be standing at the end underneath the marquee. After guests arrival, Will & Kate will mingle throughout the crowd on the lawn.

Our Lounges will be moved onto the lawn - into the men's lounge area, where we will have a pool table and card table, kegs of beer. (and hopefully a Prince Harry standing out there)
Against the wall, where the three seater usually sits - there will be a guest sign in area with the official rules for guests in attendance (ours won't be 22 pages long though :-) above this - my three monk paintings usually hang shall be replaced with some Andy Warhol inspired art and a version of the 'Carry On' poster (they are just slightly smaller than A1 each)

Above the TV, I have some beautiful old chinese photographic prints from Taylor B (currently my favorite shop!) these will be replaced by royal silhouettes (about A4 in size each)

on another wall my Blossom Tree will be replaced with the Couple in another Andy Warhol

At each place setting guests will receive their commemorative coffee mug which I'm hoping will look like this (I get to see the proof mug tomorrow morning.... fingers crossed for me....) Caricature inspired by Luisa Calvo

There is more artwork and prettiness to come... but am still working on them, so you shall have to wait till the next update
Table decorations- name card holders, flowers, Bathroom Art etc.... I have a week and a half - easy peasy!

I'm working on the Rules for the guests- inspired by the 22 page list of rules for attendees of the Royal Wedding.  I'd love to get to 22, but they need to be good so I'd love any suggestions on rules to add.

So far I have:
  1. Hold Your Peace, Do Not Object - Kate is not going to run away with you regardless of how dashing you think you are
  2. Tweeting or updating your Facebook Status during the day is considered a compliment
  3. If one must keep their phone active during the coverage of the ceremony - the ring tone must be changed to God Save the Queen
  4. Do not give the Queen a friendly hug, but should one see Prince Harry, feel free to give him a 'noogie'
  5. Whenever the National Anthem is played, everyone must be upstanding and take a drink
  6. If one comes face to face with the Royal couple, gentlemen must bow and ladies must curtsey (right foot behind left)

Please note - Regarding the artwork for the invitations/posters and mugs.  I have been inspired by other artists and acknowledged them here and worked all artwork from scratch. Although guests (friends and friends of friends) are paying for this event, they are purely paying for the costs - I am personally not getting paid a cent (in fact, if I don't hit the numbers, I will be out of pocket) 

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