Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Celebrate Good Times .... Comeon!

Wooowzers (as my little sister says) I have so much catching up to do!
Where did the time go to? What have I been doing?

It seems the weeks trip to down under has got me all of track and out of whack - seriously need to catchup on my 52s.... i have the photos, just need to sort them out.

Hoping I can get this done before March... hmmmm... another year older next month- I'm sooo in denial.

My last posting was just before I headed down for my little sister's wedding - I was lucky enough to spend time with my gorgeous family, some divine friends (starting new friendships for Ms S in the making) and then to head to the most gorgeous ideallic location - bushfire free. Sadly that meant that  there was no canoe photo in the middle of the dam with burning embers flying around -  So some gorgeous Twilight reminiscent shots in a dry creek bed by Sheer Image Photography will just have to do!

Love on a Bench during the ceremony
Photo Credit - Me
Photo Credit - Me
So now that I have been back for a while- what have I been doing... hmmm not much! It's all been about the little man.

By definition a Multi-tasker is  'one person to perform two or more tasks simultaneously' that's what I'm good at (and actually the more tasks the better) but give me a single task I need to create other things to multi-task around the original item.... either that or I'll catch up on sleep LOL and then burn the midnight oil getting said project done by deadline.

What I have done is managed to conquer Master Z's 4th birthday which seemed to go on forever! 

Firstly, as his actual birthday fell on a Saturday, there was Friday Monster Cupcakes at school by request. Then on the actual Saturday that he turned 4 we purchased a beautifully designed and in no way tacky Angry Birds cake from Polar (:-) 

Then as I wasn't quite organized this year, his actual birthday party with all his school friends  was the Sunday a week later (two days ago) with a full Dinosaur theme. (yes... my name is Trini... and I'm a partyaholic!)

Me thinks he may be confused next week when there is no sugar celebration revolving around him. 

Sadly, I've not to my routine 'Shaky Shake' in a little while, since Oz actually, due to knee issues (and maybe a slight overdose on sugar)  I've been out of the loop for a while so finding the motivation to get there is hard . . but I've booked myself in for a session tomorrow (YAY!?!)  and from there I know it will get easier. I have to get back into it as Mr is now putting me to shame in his Dry Months and daily exercise that he has been rocking.

Sneak peak though...
 I'll be in March's Finder Magazine with an interview on the shaky shaky plate:

OK back to it.... till next I post

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