Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Palau Ubin

Many weekends ago saw the clan embark on a  new adventure. (this post was originally accidently deleted.. along with my witty repartee that went along with my pictures)
If you are in Singapore - we would highly recommend a day trip to Palau Ubin. You park at South Changi Jetty Pier (although would recommend getting there alot earlier than us, as all the carparks were really full)
Bumboats (much to the kids amusement) head out each time there is 12 people to take them . It's $2.50 per person (and yes if you would like your own private boat for your party and not share, you can pay the $30 to get you to the other side) They travel from 6am-8pm.

On arrival you can pick up a bike from the street to your left. Seriously cannot miss them, the street is inudated with them. In our extreme patience and haggling prowess, we just hit the first bike shop we saw and rented 5 bikes (one with a child seat) and four helmets for about $60 in total, but I'm sure that you could find better deals if you visited the other shops further down. Armed with a map of the island we headed off.

Now for me this was quite an experience, as although all my kids can ride bikes and often spend the weekend doing so - I haven't ridden in about 20 years. Guess what? it was just like riding a bike (Har-di-har . . . another glimpse at my children's sense of humour)

Grudgingly Master Z rode with Dad, as he loves riding at the bike park usually, but after the first 10 mins, he was loving the experience (**those with small children are advised at riding with them as some of the paths are quick rocky and off-roady, not travelled by training wheels or little legs)

There's a little village when you can stop at a number of restaraunts and have some scrumptious food, but a backpack picnic would be just as nice!

Even though the heaven's opened on us on our second leg of riding after lunch, this was a magical day. It honestly was like going on vacation, whilst being at home - you feel as though you are in a different country. We'll be definitely heading back here soon. An affordable day out for the six of us in Singapore - brilliant!

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