Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Urghhh... need some peace!

Wow... don't know why . . but excessive noise just does my head in . . . sitting here blogging about our fabulous day trip we took on Sunday to Palau Ubin and the gardeners are here. In Singapore they have a thing for leaf blowers... one of my serious pet hates (why not a rake)
Yes I am grateful that it's not me out there in the 40degree heat raking up 1acre of leaves, but seriously... the noise just pounds my head in.... and the size of the property it goes on for hours... to top it off they've had the mowers out today too (ummm why not mow over said leaves?)

Sorry for the whinge, but I had pretty much completed my posting... added photos, decided to delete one of the pics and ended up deleting the whole post...urghhh.... I put it down to me not being able to concentrate.

So I will try take two later, I really must get back to my bridesmaid (or bridal possy attire) that I need to have finished by Friday... so hence the quietness, must get back to work (hubby keeps calling for updates on which procrastination item I am doing ... LOL... he knows me too well!)

Palau Ubin another day ...


  1. The person who invents a silent blower will become a millionaire very quickly.

  2. too true M... too true!! (I'd buy one in a heartbeat that's for sure!) Now back to my dress....