Wednesday, January 02, 2013

Conditions are Perfect

This is my mantra for this new year.... Stop waiting ... just do it and the time will be right! I've spent alot of the year backtracking, trying to find a good place to start (or restart) but I found this quote and realized that conditions were never going to be right, until I wrote. (yeah sounded weird to me to, don't worry about it)

The end of the year, my finger was hovering over the delete button, but I could never bring myself to hit 'OK' on the prompt. I've had emails and conversations with people encouraging me to keep ranting writing. So I'm back here again for another year, hopefully a little more frequently...

My Inspirations to continue my rantings here on the blog-

1) My nine year old has started a daily diary, and quite proudly has managed to stay on track since she started (ok ok... it's been 8 days, but that's good for her).
2) B & I have restarted our daily photo blog over at Passport of Poets  . . . yup you got me.... the second one was not so much an inspiration than a kick up the butt. We've linked our personal blogs into the site ('hello new friends... she says waving frantically') and with traffic escalating in the wee short hours it's been live for, thought I'd better not look outdated here.

So... I don't promise to blog everyday, although I may have sporadic outpourings of continous days of wisdom to bestow on you all.... but please stay connected, send me some love and I'll continue to rant away in Singapore.


  1. I can't wait for your rants. Xxx

  2. This is such a lovely quote, I'm terrible for waiting too long with an idea and then loosing steam. This year I'm determined to be more purposeful. I think I might need to write that down somewhere as a reminder xo

  3. Thanks for commenting Alice! I know I saw this quote and thought... this is what I need to remember every day... I know it's only been a few days- but has already helped immensely!
    (I've just taken a quick squiz at your site... gorgeous pics, am now going to pour myself a coffee and sit on Pretty Confused for a while :-)