Monday, August 13, 2012

❤ For the Sweet tooth in you ❤

ok... I'm thinking it's about time to resurrect this tired sleeping blog . . . that's if there is anyone still there interested to listen. (??!!??)

I've finally got my laptop back (and working- woo hoo!) and have recently been reminded that there was this little space where I used to vent my thoughts, document my somewhat insane passion for parties and basically have a little outlet for rants on pretty much whatever.

Now it's been waaaay too long between rants to catch you up on everything - so much has happened as you can imagine, but I thought I would make my re-debut into the blogging world by showcasing some of my CAKES!

I'm often asked about cakes, and please let me stress that I do not wish to make cakes for a living, these are amateur and purely for my own pleasure (although I have made a couple and been compensated for my labour) But I really wanted one place that I could have photos of past works... this is not quite all of them over the years... but it's a enough to make their own post.

I have dug my own grave as far as my children are concerned, they now spend months trying to come up with intricate details for what they want on their cakes. Some days I wish that I had just stuck to the Woman's Weekly birthday cake book, but these feelings are very short lived when I see their eyes light up and them announce proudly that their mum makes the best cakes in the world (yeah a little biased I think, but I'll take it)  I even had the embarrassing moment when asked by Master 4 (now 7) why I didn't make the cake at a friend's party he was attending, not so subtly announcing that the standard of the cake was not quite up to his standards.

So enough already - below are some of the pictures that I have been able to find over the years.

As you can see, many of them had their own themed party to go along with the cakes, Miss S Rockstar Party, A Fluro 18th party, Fairy Party, Soccer Party(ies . . .yes recycled that theme :-), Rubix Cube 40th (that was so fun Miss Clare!) Master J's Roman Gladiator party, Magician Party, Superhero party, Miss S's very girly Sleepover, Mrs J's Angry Birds, Joint Master J & Master L's I-Fly Party, Princess Party, Vet party..... (as previously blogged)





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  1. You know I am a big fan of your cake making skills. Just letting you know that I have my hand up for a wonder woman cake for my 40th. I've given you plenty of notice. 5 years notice in advance. He he.
    Love that your blogging again and I look forward to more posts. Xxx