Monday, March 18, 2013

The Hunt for the Old-school

Unashamedly, our household is huge fans of shows like Pickers, Restoration Kings, Pawn Stars, Storage Wars and the like.

Unheard of amongst Expats in Singapore, we looove a bit of DYI. I've found furniture on eBay, Expat Auctions and at my fav 2nd hand store Hock Siong that have found a second life in our home after been scraped sanded stained painted and so forth. We've been itching to start a new project for a while now, but as the of kindle of inspiration have been a little thin of late at our usual haunts,  I've had to drool over other's handiwork, religiously following Sherry and John not only on their blog, but also FB and Instagram (one wouldn't want to miss an update now would one?)

So you can imagine my excitement when the Mr asked me if I would like to go treasure hunting for my birthday. Throw away the idea of jewellery, flowers, chocolates.... the way to this woman's heart is retro, dusty items that I can restore or upcycle (that and scotch :-)

So whilst I wait for the weekend to roll around, I've made myself a nice healthy list of new new nooks to visit to search for my gold. I'm surprised by the number I have found and Mr may regret his decision on my gift as I drag him across the island.... but I care not... I'm putting on my sweat pants, runners and GPS in hand am hoping for a score...

Do you love the old stuff?

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