Monday, January 07, 2013

Sending Rain Down Under...

For what seems like months, we've been having torrential rains... backyard flooding, roof leaking, stuck inside kinda rains. I've moaned and moaned, had enough of bored kids stuck inside during school holidays, enough of the deep throated grunt of the frogs as they sing their mating song all night long, enough of the occasional regular short circuit as roof water runs down the pendant lights (we live in an 1930's colonial house, repairs don't stay repaired for long with the quality of workmanship here.)
Today is beautiful, as was yesterday- the last time we had two days in a row seems like a lifetime ago, so we are taking full advantage of outdoors time... as I sit here by the pool watching the kids and having the occasional dip myself, soaking up the 35degree days in all it's splendor, I think of home...

In Oz, it's bushfire season, I remember it well- - the haze in the air, the snowflake like ash that befalls on your house and car, the emergency evac kit in your car, dousing your house so as to deter embers from igniting your eaves. I have a few friends that have lost everything in years gone by and now I reflect on how my annoyance at a little lot of rain was ridiculous and I am grateful that our spontaneous lightning storms will not start a fire that could engulf our possessions or put my children at risk.

Instagram is full of images that tell me that this year is no different to the ones I encountered when I lived there, sure some years are worse than others, but to the person that loses everything in a bushfire, the mildest season is just as devastating for them... Special thoughts are with Tasmania (and my cousin's family who live there), Victoria (for my inlaws and all their families), NSW (for my family and friends)

My heart and thoughts go with those in fire prone areas, am hoping that the temperature drops for you soon, the high winds calm down and the rain starts to fall - - stay safe! Hoping that the rain that has not occurred here in the last two days is on it's way to you :-)

Not only for those in danger, but also for selfish reasons... I really do hope it's over extremely soon...

My little sister is getting married in three the bush! She has chosen the date as was my parents wedding anniversary. As my father is no longer with us, it is such a beautiful recognition of her love for both my parents. I'm crossing all my fingers for her that the weather cools off, the threats have eased and NSW  (and the rest of Australia) is safe by then. However she assures me that there is a bushfire backup plan (something I didn't have for my own wedding LOL) there is plan A... which is scenario where we cannot get to the site of the wedding in the first place (she has a backup location and casual crash the pub reception in that case) and B... in which scenario we are already at the site and the whole bridal party and guests end up in the dam. I told her to look on the bright side....  it would make for great photos... in which she agreed . . so stand by for those ones!

(for the record.. these 3 above are not my photos :-)


  1. Bahaha!!! You left out the part about exchanging vows in a canoe in the dam with the bridal gang swimming around in synchronized fashion! It's going to be just magical! ;-)

  2. I didn't want to give too much away just in case any of your guests stumbled on my blog :-) can't wait till the synchronized swim practise when we get there on the Friday! xx