Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Zero Tears

Today Number 3 entered 'big' school.
As I was standing in his classroom, I watched Mums and Dads fawning over their little preppies, wiping back tears, snapping memorable shots of their kids doing a jigsaw puzzle or holding a pencil, like it was their first time doing either - All I could think was THANK GOD! 
Master L has being attending Preschool at the same school since he turned 3, that's 2 &1/2 yrs... and last year he went 5 full days, so today really is like any other day...difference is this year will be less playing, more learning and a different uniform!
Amusingly, 70% of the kids being smothered by overemotional parents this morning have had the same experience. Two full years of preschool- between 3-5 days a week. Why the breakdowns? Is today a reminder that back in Oz that this would have been a momentous day? and we feel a little robbed as we didn't realize their big day was two years ago and we missed it?
L has been ready for school his whole life, an old sole in a little body. I'm not saying that I expect him to excel academically. In fact out of all four, he is my sporting monster needing the outdoors and physical activities more than anything else. What I mean is that he is ready for the challenges that he will face in becoming a student and the stimulation that a classroom environment will bring. In the last few days of the holidays he has been climbing the walls.
So no tears for me. Pure Joy - As Z plays contentedly, it's peaceful and I can actually hear birds chirping in the background, I now do the unheard of...
Work & Blog in the daytime!!!!


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  1. Love the new layout! Please don't run when I ask for assistance on mine.
    Last night my Aunty and I were looking through mine and it was suggested I put tabs like yours up the top! Help?
    I balled my eyes when both kidlets started school I felt a real loss and excitement for them. New beginnings.
    I think the tears came fast and flowed for hours on and off because they attended Kindy with me. There was no separation. Miss L was like your Master L ready and thriving to go. Master N cried and just wanted mum.
    Next baby will have to attend another Kindy. Emotionally easier on all of us.
    P.s How was Master Z without them all?